One of the difficult points in the men’s shirt is certainly the armholes, because stiffened by the layers of fabric and stitching done mechanically. The hand-stitching and the subsequent rewriting, restoring the natural softness fostering the adaptability of the point.


Muvian offers made ​​to measure shirts Càrrel : imagine shapes, movements guess, create profiles, dressing the male body without compulsion. The vocation of tailoring Càrrel  find a natural outlet in attention to the elegance of the great occasions but also for everyday practicality: shirts for a living as a second skin. From the list anatomically cut on the neck to attaching to lily buds, hand-stitched armholes and contended for dividing the edges of the collar, cut back on the big side taffeta fly: they are the hands of seamstresses to make each shirt unique, packed on the desires of those who wear it.